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My interview with Steven and Nikki from BimpCast

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A couple of weeks ago I got to spend some time talking to Steven and Nikki Combs from BimpCast. Now, this is the Internet age, of course, so the talking actually occured via a program called Skype. Some of you may be more familiar with this app then I was since I’d never used it before that morning. But I have to say it was remarkably easy to download, install and configure.

At the last minute I realized I hadn’t given much thought to what I was going to do for a microphone. I don’t use my computer for any sort of voice chat or anything that normally needs a mic. So what to do? No problem… I dug around in some old electronic gear I’ve had for ages and came up with a Realistic Highball 2 microphone that had to be almost 25 years old. Many of you might know Realistic as the house brand once sold by RadioShack stores. So using a little adapter plug I had the mic connected to my laptop and was amazed that it actually seemed to put a clean sound through to the Skype program. But the Highball is one of those classic big mics like you see 70s rock musicians swinging wildly around the stage. I really didn’t want to sit there for the entire interview and hold the mic in my hand. Plus, I thought if I happened to bum p it, or worse drop it, there was likely to be some aweful noise recorded. So again… what to do?

No problem… I’m a LEGO builder, right? Why not use some LEGO bricks to solve this problem. and that’s what I did as you can see here:

LEGO brick mic stand

And it worked like a charm. :)

So Nikki, Steven and I talked for quite a while… nearly 45 minutes of actual interview I think. But we also had a little time before and after the interview and I have to say that the two hosts you hear on the BimPCast each episode are just as nice when they’re not being recorded. They’re genuine and sincere people who obviously have a great passion for this hobby. I can’t thank them enough for taking the time out of a Saturday morning to talk with me about my book.

So if you’ve got 45 minutes and want to hear what we talked about, why not head over to Bricks in my Pocket, the home of the BimPCast that is now the official podcast of and download the file. There’s even a link on the BimPCast site that takes you to my book’s listing on So if you happened to be thinking of buying a copy, why not use that link and help support the BimPCast at the same time.

Allan B.


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