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Ambient music with a little bit of a LEGO connection

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I read several Ambient music-related blogs each day. Yesterday, I spotted a link to some new music by Stretta.

I enjoyed the sample that was there. You can download the entire work from Soundcloud, just by following the link in the embedded music player.

Then I started browsing around Stretta’s blog and noted that there was a category for LEGO-related posts. Turns out, Stretta is also a LEGO fan. I thought that was cool.

Then… I looked around more and realized that Stretta also creates music as part of Archetribe. And I thought to myself that the name sounded kind of familiar. I checked my MP3 player and sure enough, I already had some Archetribe on there, that I’d downloaded from eMusic a year or so ago.

I love finding little connections like that in life… people you don’t know who you discover in one way, but later find out that you have other things in common or that they are somehow connected to something else that’s come into your life at another period of time. It’s a lot of looking for and identifying coincidences, but I enjoy it. :)

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